Company objectives

ARGUS Ltd primary objective is to offer complex security services according to the specific conditions and requirements of particular client. When dealing with security questions related to client's requirements for property security and protection of persons, we focus on solving all kind of problems related to security risks of given objects or persons by:

  • implementing security analysis with evaluating of all security risks
  • presenting solution of physical and technical solution
  • proposing property security and protection of persons in terms of instantaneous
  • long-term aspect including expenses calculation and their coverage expressed by contractual relations
  • proposing cooperation at solving security problems

ARGUS Ltd expects to reach these objectives by:

  • permanent enhancement of assessment and development of our security guard employees
  • increasing the expertise of the company management
  • improving planning, control and operative activities in all areas of the company including cooperation with the client
  • regular monthly evaluation of service level agreement with the client

Primary objective of ARGUS Ltd is to be a stable and evolving company in the area of security services with growing satisfaction rate of our clients with our services. We always want to offer broader and more complex services and to improve the value of the name ARGUS Ltd, as well as the names of all our clients.

ARGUS Ltd is stable, financially strong company providing its clients assurance of enterprise and business cooperation. We guarantee our employees all payroll and social terms resulting from Labour code, as well as job perspective and employee benefits.

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