Physical security

Physical security

Security agency ARGUS provides following, in the area of security services:

  • Property security and protection of persons in Czech Republic in form of physical and technical security

Physical security is further divided into property, reception and informant service, on interior and exterior security and focuses on:

  • banking institutions
  • industrial objects
  • administrative centres
  • hotels
  • shopping centre
  • chain stores

Security is based on specifications and requests specified by the client for the particular watched property. Company employees are equipped by either service uniform or business attire and are further equipped with basic enforcement measures (distant rod, handcuffs, tear enforcing resources) and on client request, service dogs can be used. Physical security including coverage of security risks.

Main document for security solutions is a directive processed together by security agency and the client. Its aim is to cover all the security risks, prevent a possible intrusion, burglary or targeted property demolition. Staff of security agency ARGUS is mainly focused on person and vehicle check-up, interior and exterior check-up of buildings, operating the telephone switchboard, monitoring of technical systems (EZS, EPS, CCTV etc.), effort of activities fire-fighting patrols, filing room, operating crucial system, solving critical situation, co-operation with Police of the Czech Republic, Fire Rescue Service, Emergency Medical Service etc. depending on the character of the watched object.

Physical security of premises in Czech Republic.

Security is provided in all areas of Czech Republic.

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