Centrally-monitored surveillance

ARC - Alarm Receiving Centre

ARC - Alarm Receiving Centre is a technical device receiving a signal from electronic alarm systems (EZS, EPS, CCTV), which are constantly monitoring the watched objects.

Data transmission can be realized by client request:

  • through solid telephone line
  • through GPRS connection
  • through GSM channel
  • through LAN connection

Blanik PCO-ATIS and NSG NAM_PCO modules acts as a receiver, which meets the standards required for operating in Czech Republic and enable possibility of uninterrupted operation, when one of the receivers malfunctions. Server archives all events, manages the database of the objects and verifies the workstations. Hardware and software equipment allows to use up to 10 000 objects. Automatic and unattended data record of all phone calls is an integral part of the monitoring station. UPS is installed to cope with short-term power outages, for the planned and long-term outages, our petrol aggregate is used.

Speed and reliability, that is the Alarm Receiving Centre from Argus.

Based on the received information, the operator is able to pinpoint exact locality of the detected intrusion in the object. Armed dispatch unit is immediately notified and upon arrival secures the situation of the object intrusion and based on the severity of this breach it notifies the client, Police, Fire Rescue Squad, Emergency Medical Service and guards the object until responsible person of the client arrives.

Operating time up to 15 minutes since receiving the alarm signal can be expected for all types of objects regardless of the location. Dispatch units are in contact with the operator at ARC by means of radio station and cell phone. Dispatch unit usually consists of 2 armed members.

Alarm Receiving Centre in Czech Republic

Alarm Receiving Centre can be deployed anywhere in Czech Republic. 

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