Technical services

We offer surveillance of property by using technical resources and equipment placed in watched objects beside physical security of the objects. Following systems are used:

  • PZTS - alarm safeguarding and emergency systems (PZTS) - earlier EZS - is an equipment signaling unauthorized intrusion into the watched object
  • EPS - electronic fire alarm system. EPS is a collection of fire alarm systems, fire alarm receiving centres and additional EPS equipment which creates a system, that visually and acoustically signals centre of a fire. Information about fire inception is passed to a non-stop service or could be directly passed to Fire Rescue Service.

We perform:

  • assembly to all types of objects
  • studies and consultancy in regards to EPS
  • CCTV - camera systems - closed-circuit television - security camera systems providing instantaneous survey of the watched objects for either a physical security or for remote monitoring site using data transfer (phones, internet, PC networks). In most cases the systems are equipped with digital data record for further analysis of the situation.

CCTV camera systems can be used:

  • to monitor external fencing or exterior areas in combination with detection elements or to monitor internal areas of objects (banks, galleries, historical objects, industrial establishments, shop, shopping centres, households, unmanned workplaces etc.)
  • to monitor access to the objects
  • to survey in detail activity or documents in critical areas (coffers, safes, gambling clubs, exchange offices, special manufacture etc.)
  • Perimetric systems - Perfect integrated security system should always have perimetric systems. It is a special kind of PZTS system for surveillance of extensive premises' perimeter and complex of buildings like military installations, store premises, airports and big industrial objects. Perimetric system allows intercepting an intruder even before the actual intrusion to the watched object. It also provides sufficient time for security services to execute an intervention.
  • Projection - we offer support for the full range of offered projection installations and services. We also provide processing of projection designs, individual project documentation or documentation of light-current and heavy-current systems even without the own implementation. Our draftsmen are proven with security clearance "Secret" by the National Security Authority of the Czech Republic.
  • Assembly and service - we offer and provide assembly, service and regular revisions, operation tests and inspections according to valid Czech norms to all aforementioned types of technical security.

Coverage of technical services

Technical services are provided anywhere in Czech Republic 

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